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approval before changing their voting laws. texas announced a voighte voter i.d. law? >>> the justice department sued texas over the law. why was the voting rights act passed? >> in response to a civil rights movement that said w the right to vote is fundamental in a democracy. it rectified acts of discrimination in which african/american were denied the right to vote and protect the rights. to on be able to participate effectively. pand you refer to act that required for southern states. >> take us into the present day. the. >> some sections are and don't want people to be denied to vote base based on race or any other kik characteristics. of section three, if there is a systematic, federal courts can fashion remedies. it is out moded because jim cr crowe with the temporary pro?rigz 1965 thankfully are no longer there. >> talk about sections 4 and 5. >> we are missing a lot. discrimination persists a texas jurisdiction. they are required to provide bilingual and had them at no polling places. said let's keep a galling referendum off the ballot & the large turn out of african/american
the situation. the department of justice going after the state of texas again. attorney general eric holder determined to allow voting nationwide without requiring identification. kansas secretary of state chris kovach among our guests. and the end of the road is near for the self -- self-proclaimed hugger. san diego mayor. bradley manning wants to be chesley as he pursues tax payer funded gender reassignment their peak from is leavenworth prison cell. the "a-team" takes the ball of that and a great deal more. we begin tonight with another possible reason the president's foreign policy is so incoherent and ineffective that members of his own administration seem uninformed. today's state department news featured a shocking contradiction from spokesperson jan saki. take a listen. >> the red line is the use of c.w. cover chemical weapons. that was crossed a couple of months ago. the president took action which we talked about the time. lou: confident in her assessment that syria had already crossed that red line. the obama administration and responded. until a few moments later when she offere
is already suing texas to stop its new voter id law and reports say that north carolina's extreme voting restrictions will likely be next in line for attorney general eric holder, who also spoke on saturday. >> we must remember generations who carry themselves on a day-to-day basis with great dignity in the face of unspeakable injustice. but for them, i would not be attorney general of the united states and barack obama would not be president of the united states of america. this struggle must and will go on in the cause of our nation's quest for justice. until every eligible american has the chance to exercise his or her right to vote, unencumbered by discriminatory or unneeded procedures, rules, or practices. >> the thousands who came out this weekend are ready to continue that quest for justice. >> we're on our way to north carolina. we're on our way to texas. we're on our way to florida. and when they ask us for our voter id, take out a photo of medgar evers, take out a photo of goodman, cheney and take out a photo of viola louisa. they gave their lives so we could vote. look at this
. >>> texas senator ted cruz admitted republicans do not have the votes to defund obama care, but says he is, quote, not convinced that president obama wouldn't defund his own health care law if congress gave him the opportunity to do so. >>> at the end of the video music awards last night, president barack obama showed his support for katy perry's finale and her song "roar" by tweeting to her after she tweeted about obama care. he said thanks for spreading the word, #roar. >> michelle and her daughters went to broadway to see the play "trip to bountdful." >>> organizers might be regretting the pick of metlife stadium for february's super bowl. the farmer's al mack is predicting a cold championship game. next year's game is the first to be played at an outdoor setting in cold weather. the almanac is right about 80% of the time. somebody right about 100% of the time is bill karins. >> 80% of the time is right? it's kind of like the national inquirer, every now and then they'll get a big story right. we'll find out super bowl sunday. a lot of weather headlines over the weekend. one of the big
of a new school year for kids in west texas months after a deadly explosion at a local fertilizer plant. >> i can't hear, i can't hear. get out of here, please get out of here. martha: remember that awful video from those moments. 15 people lost their lives in that explosion. most of the town's schools were damaged nond beyond repair. the students and teachers are heading back. they have a temporary building set up. >> being able to look at the kid and see the smiles on their faces even though it's a different setting facility wise. this is what matters. they are happy being kids and being with their friends. martha: they are getting school open for this school year. they say it's been tough to get this set up in time but they think everything will be ready by september. so we wish them all the best. >> it's very clear to the assad regime and also other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. that would change my equation. bill: that was president obama one year ago.
that a military jury in texas is going to be wrestling with for army major nadal hassan. he was convicted friday in the fort hood shooting spree back in 2009. 13 people killed and 14 people injured in that attack. heidi joe joins us on the fencing face. >> reporter: court is still in session. hassan is in the courtroom, and what stands out most is his demeanor. it's not changed at all since before he was convicted as a mass murderer. now, he is still sitting in that wheelchair. he's dressed in camo uniform. he has that beard. and to give you a picture of how unaffected he appears. he got into a brief discussion with the government about how to calculate his initial date in the service with the military. none of the content of that argument really matter, but the fact that he just talked about it like this was any other day, that really stood out. dell, this isn't any other day. this is when this jury, 13 military officers, will determine if he lives or dies. the judge cautioned him not to continue to represent himself. and hassan said he still wants to be his own lawyer. at this point, dell, i d
is jonathan betz, and i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. i started in a small television station in rural arkansas. it's a part of the country that often gets overlooked. but there are a lot of fascinating people there, a lot of fascinating stories there. i like that al jazeera will pay attention to those kinds of places. what drew me to journalism is i like the idea that we are documenting history. al jazeera documents it like none other. and to be a journalist, and to be part of a team like that? that's an incredible blessing. what happens when social media uncovers unheard and fascinating news stories? >> they share it on a stream. would probably be very good at that also. that is it for al-jazeera america. ♪ schwartz: martyn stacey has also been campaigning for tighter controls on adventure tour operators. schwartz: ballooning may appear to be the gentlest of extreme sports but this is a four tonne aircraft with more power than many a light plane and no brakes. a pilot can take the craft up or down but direction is determined by the wind. martyn stacey: "
there are people counted as refugees. host: the next caller is a doctor from texas. go ahead. mute television or radio and go ahead. caller: yes, i am a doctor. i have been trying for the last couple of months to go there on my own through u.s. agencies. i have e-mailed and called to see if there's opportunity for me to go there and work. i have not gotten any answers. i just got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago. i have been trying for months of on e-mail and phone. there is an opportunity to go, but you would have to come as a consultant, as an intern to work because you are not a licensed physician in syria and cannot work over there. could i go through you to go and help? i work for 15 days and it 15 days off. i do want to work a little bit over there. guest: thank you for your call. you are very generous with your time. it can be greatly appreciated. i think you have a better chance of being able to volunteer or devote your time working with a non-governmental organization than by applying directly to an agency. there are groups you can consult. there are umbrellas of non- governmental org
at the other stories topping the news now. frightening nomtsmoments for a 12-year-old in texas. untrudiers broke in when he was home alone. he called 911 for help. >> poor little guy. police arrested those burglars. his mom says that she is proud of her son. he knew the right people to call right away. >>> in ft. hood, texas, the sentencing face of major hasan is under way. he was found guilty on 13 kounds of mur -- counts of murder and 32 counts of attempted murder and will face the death penalty rb. >>> mike tyson says he is on the verge of dying. during a press conference in new york he knitted he is still suffering from drug and alcohol dependency. >> i want to change my life and want to live a different life. i want to live sober and i don't want to die. i'm a vicious alcoholic. >> during that press conference tyson admitted he had been sober six days. he is starting the new year as a boxing promoter. >>> a controversial plan in columbia, south carolina, to evict the homeless. they voted to criminalize homelessness. people on the streets have the option to relocate or get arrested. an
. then concern about the recent roll back, especially in north carolina and texas and florida of voting rights and that we have to make sure we are diligent and stay on it. so that the dream, have we made progress? absolutely. but we still have a lot of work to do and we have got to make sure that as reverend lowrie said we came to commemorate and we have to agitate in our districts and that is important and dr. king would want us to continue to move on and work hard as john lewis says and still have the comeback. i think we are feeling the effects today of a southern strategy put together by richard nixon some time ago to dilute the power of african-american legislators. we have less power in the sense we are not in houses where we are in the majority. and so we have got to figure out how we work that and we need people to come out to vote like never before, especially in local elections, city council and state assemble and state senates and mayoral election p.m. that makes the difference on the bigger ends so the african-americans have the power that dr. king dream was all about. >> the drea
, former ambassador to syria, and dean of the george bush school at texas a&m university. ambassador crocker, good to talk to you. from the speech today from the secretary of state, have we reached a point where the politics have moved ahead of the actual investigation? >> i think the push for military action is clearly growing, and in terms of the investigation, as secretary kerry noted, what the inspectors may be able to determine is whether chemical weapons were used. the secretary said they will not take a position on who used them. so i think we can all kind of o here. the rebels don't have this type of equipment, and the regime does. the investigation will tell us what we know. chemical agents were used. they won't tell us who used them. >> the secretary also mentioned that the united states has evidence of this attack, evidence that may not be in the hands or won't get to the hands of the investigators. before any action is taken, does the case need to be made? the evidencary case need to be a made in terms of putting all cards on the table. >> i think it needs to be made. it
jazeera america presents google and the world brain. my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. >>my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas. >>i'm kim bondy. >>nicole deford. >>and i'm from new orleans. >>san francisco, california. when i was a little kid, i just really loved the news. >>news was always important in my family. >>i knew as a kid that was exactly what i wanted to do. >>i learned to read by reading the newspaper with my great-grandfather every morning. >>and i love being able to tell other people stories. >>this is it, i want to be a part of this. >>this is what really drove me to al jazeera america. mission. >> there's more to america, more stories, more voices, more points of view. now there's are news channel with more of what americans want to know. >> i'm ali velshi and this is "real money." this is "america tonight." sglovrjs our -- >> our news coverage reveal more of america's stories. >> it is no secret that the soaring cost of a college education is a financial burden for america's middle class. pres
in 50 minutes from now. a jury in texas is wrestling with the fate of a mass murderer as the sentencing phase begins for army major nadal hassan. hassan was convicted in the army shooting spree that took place in 2009. 13 people were killed and 40 people were injured. the sentencing phase is expected to last two to three days and the jury will hear impact statement from those who were impacted by the mass shooting. we go to a military prosecutor and law professor o, thank you r being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> do you think hassan is going to get the death penalty? >> well, in my opinion the case for the death penalty is very compelling. there is uncontested proof of his mass murder, and what we're seeing today is presentation of evidence that indicates how devastating these crimes were to the victims and the victims' families. that's the standard we use to decide whether or not to ajudge death. it only takes one no-vote, and he will not be sentenced to death. >> this seems perfunctory but they still refer to hassan as major. will they strip him of his title. >> they don't h
by mail. attorney general eric holder has his sights set on the texas voter i.d. law. holder said over the weekend, the struggle must and will go on in the cause for our nation's quest for justice until every eligible american has the chance to enter -- exercise his or her right to vote. texans are fighting back. >> this is deeply depressing to see the chief law enforcement officer in the country use partisan politics and that's all it is, to drive a wedge between americans based on race and ethnicity. it's really sad because we have come a long way. obviously we've elected barack obama president of the united states. >> the senator suggests much of this push is about a lame duck administration trying to turn texas into a blue state. arthel: so is there danger if it's interpreted as republicans trying to restrict voting? >> there are certainly some people who think so. virginia, arkansas, tennessee and north dakota have enacted new voter i.d. laws this year and colin powell is among those saying that voting will make it more difficult and immediately turn off voters the g.o.p. needs.
of schools there are shut down. >> he has admitted to the massacre of 13 people at fort hood texas. now a jury is going to determine if nadal hassan gets the death sentence. ♪ theme >> that attack on the u.n. convoy coming as the obama administration said there is very little doubt that chemical weapons were used by the syrian government in an attack on their own people last week near damascus. it was the single deadliest event in the civil war. the entire world is watching the events in syria as the u.n. prepares to investigate the attack site. u.s. and european leaders are already saying it may be too little, too late. it is worried the evidence will be corrupt. officials from around the globe are meeting in jordan to discuss the crisis. although that meeting was set before last week's attack, officials say that syria is at the top of the their agenda. the very late evident, we return to david jackson, joining us from beirut. the u.s. is saying it is too little, too late. what are they saying in syria? >> well, that has been the outlook all around, no question about it. it's all abo
after texas was sued. or jan brewer fighting the feds after her crackdown on illegals. tim, in each and every case and in other cases just like them, states defy, and then the government pounces. >> so, president obama does not seem to like federalism very much. federalism is the idea that many issues are best handled by states and the federal government should not tell states how to run their business, and you see very good reason in last the voucher program is mostly used by poor black children in failing schools. it helps them get out of the schools and into better schools, and yet the doj comes in and decides, well, this is somehow resegregating the schools because some people are moving out of some school districts into others. they don't have the firsthand knowledge, the knowledge on the ground and it's absurd to say a program helping poor black kid get into better schools in new orleans is discriminatory, but from washington, lawyers, it looks that way. >> neil: the same for arizona and the crackdown on illegals, or texas, requesting those who vote have proof they are who the
politics from policy, and just prescribe the facts. my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. >>my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas. >>i'm kim bondy. >>nicole deford. >>and i'm from new orleans. >>san francisco, california. when i was a little kid, i just really loved the news. >>news was always important in my family. >>i knew as a kid that was exactly what i wanted to do. >>i learned to read by reading the newspaper with my great-grandfather every morning. >>and i love being able to tell other people stories. >>this is it, i want to be a part of this. >>this is what really drove me to al jazeera america. >> slfrn look for broadway. julie harris was 87 years old. her career expand nearly 60 years. she started in "east of eden" and t"the last of mrs. lincoln." there is a church in new orleans that played a special role in the civil rights movement and in launching martin luther king, jr., as a national leader. as robert ray reports, parishioners have been remembering the man and his mention. >> at new zion baptist church,
issues fighting for texas and fighting for conservative principles. i think it is likely that i am going to stay out of incumbent primaries across the country. either supporting incumbents or opposing incumbents. i think it's likely that i'm going to stay out of them. >> what does cruz's tell us about his future plans? we bring back the gaggle. michael, i'll go with you on this one. you're former head of the rnc. ted cruz on one hand i look at it and he thinks, hey, i was a challenger to the establishment. the establishment did everything they could to defeat me. what does he owe the establishment? in many ways consistent for him not to back cornyn but did cornyn work his tail off for cruz's endorsement. >> did he that for good reason because he knows he needs to have the tea party around him. cruz is very definitely saying you know what? i'm not going to play with any incumbent around the country which, by the way, means you too, mr. cornyn. cruz is cutting his own path and he is doing so in a way that is really putting a lot of the establishment types back on their heels because they d
to be anything more than a senator from texas. >> we're going to take back america. >> i have people who want to we want to take our country backing >> it is 50 years after dr. king's speech. >> where are we going? >> if dr. king was here, i'm sure he would say congratulations on the progress that's been made. >> does affirmative action and special treatment need to end? >> let's keep going. the dream is not fully achieved yet. >> we must give our young people dreams again. >> what's going on about voting rights is down right evil. >> they claim there's widespread abuse. nothing substantiates that. >> there is some forces want to the create this sense of fear. >> we're having a tremendous amount of this black on white violence. >> they think the country is moving too fast. instead of bringing racial harmony, having an african-american president has exacerbated the problem, >> the country's not the same country. >> it's always somethinging thering to stir up controversy. >> joining us now is maria teresa coo kumar and jonathan capehart of the "washington post" as well as james peterson, direct
's got no right to be president. the shouts come from the dusty towns of texas all the way to trump tower. he's not eligible to be our country's head of state. that was only the beginning. next came the effort to delegitimize the people who put him in office. can't let that happen again. so the word went forward to three dozen states that the best way to keep future obamas out of the white house is to keep african-americans and young people who don't think that much about race out of the voting booth. a couple more things. got to kill any evidence we ever had an african-american president. got to get that obama care off the books. ted cruz will shut down the u.s. government to get that job done. finally, why not? let's impeach the guy. let's run him out of town on a rail. let's tar and feather him. let's really mess up that record by putting the word into the history books, there was talk of impeachment on his watch, even if they can't find a reason for it, unless it's one big fat reason everyone sees. it's the number on his back, 44. how do way get into the books that this guy really was
to that message. >> the justice department is suing the state of texas, for example, over its voter i.d. law. indications that the justice department may sue other states as well. why are you calling that a gamble this morning? >> the justice department is relying on a method of challenging the voter i.d. law that hasn't been tested that may be tough. the key is the signal that this administration is sending to the states. attorney general holder said when he announced this, that he didn't want it to be open season for states to try to change their voter law. so it looks like the justice department may also challenge north carolina which also enacted a voter i.d. law, that that state says is necessary to avoid fraud. but the justice department and opponents say clearly will make it harder for minorities to vote. >> okay. so mike allen, let me ask you this. i'm curious. because i keep reading these stories an i hear these fiery condemnations of these laws across the country. in north carolina, in texas, are they just asking people to have a picture i.d. ? or are they, what, doing like, like p
in the english premier league dempsey didn't just survive, he thrived. but earlier this month the texas native decided to return home. tonight he makes his debut for his brand-new club the seattle sounders. here's jeff glor. >> reporter: the announcement stunned the world of soccer. >> i was already starting to get the inch, to be honest with you. i wanted to come back to the states. >> reporter: with a four year deal worth more than $30 million clint dempsey, the most successful american in european club history suddenly became major league soccer's biggest acquisition since david bechham went to los angeles in 2007. >> for me to be honest with you, i thought i was going to be over there two more years. but the opportunity came and seattle sound has really moved mountains to get me back to the states. >> start believing as clint dempsey makes his entrance. >> reporter: already captain of the u.s. national soccer team told us he wanted his three kids to grow stateside where he believes the game has taken a huge leap forward. it's especially in the pacific northwest where seattle sounders socce
. >> jeffrey, thank you. >>> and back here at home tonight, and to a break in the case in texas, after a remarkable 911 call. a brave boy as his home was being robbed, calling for help. and the calming voice at the other end of the line. here tonight, abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: listen closely as 12-year-old deion murdoch dials 911, alone in his texas home. >> 911. where is the emergency? hello? >> someone is trying to break into my house. they just broke the window, ma'am. >> they just broke the window? what room are you in? >> i'm in my mother's room right now. please hurry. >> is your house -- i am. stay on the phone with me. >> reporter: the dispatcher tells little deion to go into the closet, doing her best to reassure him along the way. as police say these two young men break into the house. >> i'm going to have to whisper now because i think they're coming in. please hurry. >> they are, they are. >> they're in there. >> they're inside the room now. >> reporter: then, chilling silence for a full minute. >> you there? deion? okay, just stay there. the officers, i think they're
puppy in texas gets to see the world for the very first time. and it's all thanks to the kindness of strangers. we'll explain. next. 70's who around the bay. >> brian: 70's around the bay. we will tell you everything you need to know, coming up. >> vicki: the new kron 4 news app is very easy to use easy to download. just grab your smart phone or your wireless device and click on the app store. google play or the apple itunes store and just search for kron 4. after you install it, this will take you to the landing page. you'll be able to get what you want. you are not going to have to hunt for what you want. and a special section on the bart strike, traffic, weather, and even submit photos of breaking news. you can also watch live streams from our special sections such as "people behaving badly", "the gabe slate tech report" or my personal favorite, "dine and dish'.. download it today and tell us what you think. the new kron 4 news app. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switc
gas reduction and that's it, an unbundled rec from a wind farm in texas is going to lead to the same amount of carbon reduction as an unbundled rec from a wind farm in the delta or solar panel in san francisco. however, if your policy goals include local air issues, local job issues, economic development, then it does start to matter where the rec comes from. again, it doesn't necessarily matter if it's bundled or unbundled, but it does matter what type of resource it was associated with. that gets you to the california law, which it does apply to any cca that's created up to 33%. from that, the recs, there's three buckets in there, the two most important buckets are bucket 1 and bucket 3. bucket 1 says it has to be an unbundled or a bundled transaction from a facility that can deliver electricity in the california or located in the california. so, no unbundled rec in bucket 1. bucket 3 is unbundled recs and some other things in there, and the percentages that are attached to those over time, most importantly by 2020 no more than 10% of unbundled recs can be in that 33% procurement.
your perspective, in texas and how are people feeling about eric holder suing texas? >> there are some who believe that they had a birthday party and others who were not invited. much.ou so very let me express my appreciation for the broadness of this audience, reflective of those who were here in 1963 will stop this is the audience that marched hand in hand. people from all walks of life and all racial and religious backgrounds. we are women and men. we are asian. america is all about. the idea of the voting rights act being undermined and to theted is a statement world that we, too, almost two are different and bring different ideas to the table are not equal. postureou to be in the that you are six, seven, or eight feet tall. we, too, are america. i am honored to be with a man who chairs my committee. "ranking."logy is we need to do better than that. frankly, we were able to be part of the legislative construct of the voting rights act of 1965. we must honor those -- [applause] >> woo! woo! >> i will get the dr.'s question answered very quickly. i wanted us to honor him. it is an ex
. the blaze has scorched 150,000 acres. >>> in ft. hood texas the sentencing phase begins today for major nadal ha san, the army sipsychiatrist found guilty las week. hassan faces either the death penalty or life in prison. >>> and the donald, donald trump being sued by the state of new york for $40 million. the new york attorney general says the real estate mogul helped run a phony trump university and misled students into expensive seminars that did not deliver as promised. trump phoned in to the "today" show and attacked new york attorney general eric schneiderman's record. >> let me just tell you something, we're dealing with an attorney general who everyone in new york knows is a total lightweight. he's very unpopular. he lets jon corzine take 1.4 or something, disappear, $1.4 billion and doesn't do a thing, he lets wall street and everybody else rape everybody, doesn't do a thing. >> and, of course, someone was tweeting this weekend, who would sign up for trump university. but in any case the attorney general said in response trump's comments this morning were an effort to disfractu
movement, well, there he is. canadian-born senator from texas, ted cruz. >> the continuing resolution that funds congress expires september 30 p this i've publicly stated that i will not vote for any continuing resolution that funds even a single penny of obama care. >> for someone who was born north of the border, cruz should know the benefits of universal health care. he doesn't get it. he doesn't get any of this. on sunday, he goes on and says, repealing obama care would help? would help his hispanics and african-americans? >> it's not working and it's hurting americans. and by the way, the people it's hurting the most are the most vulnerable among us is, the people losing their jobs are young people, are hispanics or african-americans or single moms. i don't think that's fair. i don't think that's right. >> we've had 41, 42 months of private sector job growth. obama care hasn't cost any jobs. it hasn't hurt our economy. it is saving lives. okay. i have been asked to go over to oxford university at the oxford debating society on october 22nd. imagine that. the regular guy going to
starters knock in a run. 10-3 your final. a's remain 2 1/2 back of texas. >>> giants hosting pirates and pirate pofs the caribbean out at mccovey cove. buster posey singles past a diving neil walker. blanco will score. runners on the corners. pablo sandoval triples into the gap. you know it's hit hard. 3-0 g-men. they go on to win and split the series. ryan vogelsong gets the shutout victo victory. >>> chula vista taking on japan. until japan goes on top in the fourth. tokyo goes up 6-4. california looking to stage a comeback, but grounds into the game ending double play. japan is your little league world series champion for the 2013 season with a 6-4 victory. >>> all right, the pga tour staging their first fedex cup playoff event in the barclays in jersey city. seems like everyone had a chance to win this thing including points leader tiger woods who made quite a run at the title. tiger battling a sore back all week due to a soft hotel mattress. on 13 he tweaked his back on his approach. falls to the ground. he did get up. bogeyed the hole. he's in the clubhouse at 11 under. co-lead
in one run. they lost 4 of 5 and remained 2-1/2 games back of texas. giants hosting pittsburgh and the pirates of mccovey cove showed up. runners on the corner. and panda gets to third base, so you know it was hit hard. g-men go on to split the series and vogelsong got the shutout victory. >>> pga tour staging the first fedex cup event. playing in jersey city and everyone had a chance to win it. including points leader tiger woods that made a run for the title. he was battling a sore back due to a soft hotel mattress. he tweaked his back on approach, and bogeyed the hole. got limb in the clubhouse. justin rose, forcing the playoffs. that will ruin his dinner. he falls to 10 under. just when you thought tiger was done, birdie 16. sticks the approach on 17 and birdies that and gets a ten under. fighting a birdie and a playoff with adam scott. right on line and it's one rotation short. finished 10 under, four-way tie for second. and gary woodlands, forcing a playoff. he misses and adam scott hangs on to win the barclay's and they bogey, 5 under 66. let's go to the raceway. the go-
knock in a run. 10-3 your final. a's remain 2 1/2 back of texas. >>> giants hosting pirates d pirate pofs the caribbean out at mccoy cove. buster posey sings past a diving neil walker. blan will score. runns on the corners. pablo sandoval triples intohe gap. you know it's hit hard. 3-0 g-men. they go on to win and split the series. ryan vogelsong gets the shutout victo victory. >>> chula visttaking on japan. until japan goes on top in the fourth. tokyo goes up 6-4. california looking to stage a comeback, but grounds into the game ending double play. japan is your little league world series champion for the 2013 season with a 6-4 victory. >>> all right, the pga tour staging their first fedex cup playoff ent in the barclays in rsey city. seems like everyone had a chance to win this thing including poin leader tiger wds who made quite a run at the title. tiger battling a sore back all week due to a soft hotel ttress. on 13 he tweaked his back on his apprch. falls to the ground. he did get up. bogeyed the hole. he's in the clubhouse at 11 under. co-leader justin rose, par putt on 14 to f
hasan of 45 charges, including the premeditated murder for the shooting spree in texas. it could make hasan the first soldier to be executed by the u.s. military since 196 1. >>> it's back to school today for students in chicago. it has been a rocky year with the third largest school system, with teacher strikes and the largest mass school closing in history. we look at the challenges ahead. >> reporter: 8-year-old crystal plans to meet a lot of new classmates. >> i'm going to have to meet new friends again. >> for mom it's more harrowing. >> it's scary around here, my daughter is in the third grade but i walk her to school. >> the chicago school board decided to close down 49 underperforming and poorly utilized schools. on the hilly depressed sides. the kids from different blocks will meet for the first time. >> kids are coming from everywhere, rival gangs, and families don't get along, and when they see each other, it's not about the law. >> safety is so much of a concern that the city has torn down dozens of vacant houses and boarded updoses of more. >> when you get in there, you s
. >> it is a set of standards. 45 states have adopted common standards. students from texas would take an assessment and be taught a different way than students in california. and at the end of the day, you didn't know where students stood in comparing them to others. it gets us to a place where we can really look at where students are and how they're moving forward in being prepared for the 21st century. >> not everybody has doesn'ted that. am i going to notice a way my kid is being taught? >> in san jose unified you will. when i say the 21st century skills, like collaboration, much more problem solving, creative thinking. much more of a way instead of going wide, which the previous standards did, it's a much more focused approach, and we go deeper. >> so you're telling you're not going to teach for the test? >> absolutely. >> how much is this, how much rigorous, we saw the teachers there. how much harder is this it going to be for teacher does learn these new standards? it's got to be a little tough now to be thrown into this new way of teaching which changes the way they've been tol
en texas, comenzaron el sÁbado a la tarde las llamas, y se propagaron con rapidez, se elevaron enormes lenguas de fuego y humo al cielo, luego de 9 horas de trabajo, contuvieron las llamas, no se reportaron vÍctimas. llegan alentadoras noticias para bolsillos de consumidores. el precio de la gasolina bajÓ 4 centavos en Últimas dos semanas, segÚn una encuesta, el galÓn estÁ en 3,56, la media llegÓ a 3,74, y la premium, 3,88, los expertos dicen que son resultados del suministro interno de combustible. reduciendo impacto de precios del petrÓleo extranjero, el mÁs caro estÁ en carolina, en charlestone. en el sur de la bahÍa de campeche, se formÓ una tormenta tropical. el centro de huracanes de estados unidos, dijo que avanza a la costa de veracruz, donde llegarÍa a la noche, o maÑana con vientos de 45 millas por hora. un aviÓn cazahuracanes, realizarÁ un vuelo en el sistema para determinar su alcance, y fuerza, y trayectoria. >>> un peligroso incidente tuvo lugar cerca de la frontera de arizo arizona, y mÉxico, los protagonistas, un agente del polÉmico alguacil jo
murder for the 2009 shooting spree of fort hood texas. >> more than 400,000 children in chicago make their way back to school today. 12,000 of them will be attending new schools following the largest mass school closing in u.s. history. a lot of those schools will be in unfamiliar neighborhoods. this has raised concerns with parents. their children will now be forced to walk longer distances through violent areas. city leaders have vowed to keep the children safe with new programs. ash home run, can you walk us through the safe program. >> currently, there are 53 new routes that have been established by the district, those in addition to the 39 that had been in place before that. about 600 people have been hired by safe passage to be posted along those routes during school hours, about five hours a day when the bells are ringing to help students get to and from their newly designated schools. we've already seen the presence of some of those people in bright fluorescent vests lined up at the safe passage route where we're standing. weaver also seen a police presence by patrol and on f
through the site of chemical attacks. >> nadal hassan is back in texas. the sentencing phase of his trial begins today. >>> out of control wildfires are spreading across california. they've already burned 225,000 square miles. that plays is edging close to a reservoir where san francisco gets it's drinking water. at least six people are dead in a derailed freight train in mexico. 250 migrants were on board hitching a ride to the u.s. border. >> reporter: this train has long been the only way illegal migrants could hope to start a new life. nicknamed the beast the cargo train is meant to transport goods. but many migrants have gone on board using it to claim a new life in the united states. for some those dreams now have been lost. >> the train was going very fast, and when it started to break it went off the rails, and people began to jump. >> reporter: the beast was traveling through the southern state when it came off the rails. it's a remote part of mexico, and ambulances couldn't get through by rode. people scrambled to reach those trapped in the wreckage until rescue teams arrived by
says there is very little doubt. >> happening now in texas, a sentencing phase is underway in the murder trial convicted army psychiatrist nidal hasan. a military jury found him guilty of premeditated murder for the 2009 ft. hood shooting that left 13 dead, and it was the most deadly mass shooting ever on the military installation. understand mad is acting at his own attorney and faces the death penalty and could be the first active duty soldier to be executed in more than 50 years. through this morning, the arizona woman convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend back in court for five minutes. she wore a black and white jump suit during her brief appearance in phoenix. the judge set a new date for pre-trial next month focusing on the penalty phase. she was found guilty in may of murdering her ex-boyfriend and the jury was not able to agree on whether to sentence her to death or to life in prison. the new jury will not hear the entire case but only to decide her fate. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> we will look outside and open up the wet weather. th
of the kansas city royals and this weekend made life miserable for the texas rangers who are battling for the playoffs. a weird start today...mark patent kicked out as he gave the umps the lineup card... talk about a short day.. the sox led two nothing for john danks....when jeff bakers sends a drive to right in the 4th....avisail garcia bangs into the wall trying to make the catch.... but it was gone for a two run shot ti tie the game..garcia escorted off the field...but he was said to be okay..not a major
other congressmen why border security comes first, next. @áh%a border paol guided tour of the texas/mexico border highlighting what he describes as woefully inadequate resources and introduced a border security bill that requires operational control of our border with no less than a 90% apprehension rate on the entire border of mexico within five years. the full house could vote on his measure after the summer measure. joining us is congressman michael mccaul, chairman of the house committee on homeland security. mr. chairman, good to have you with us. you took a number of congressmen with you on that tour of the border. what are your thoughts and their reactions? >> well, you know, my thoughts are this ad hoc approach we've used over the last couple at the problem without a national strategy, without a plan, plugging holes up. we went to san diego. they have good fencing there. they have technology. but they're getting around that with the boats. tucson has wonderful technologies, but all it does is presses them to other points. and now the new point of entry now is texas. the rio
kardashian reportedly kicked him out after he rejected an attempt at an intervention. >>> a texas boy bravely calling 911 after intruders break in in the middle of the day. adam wright has the amazing story. >> 911. where's the emergency, hello? >> someone's trying to break into my house. >> reporter: you're listening to the voice of 12-year-old dionne murdoch who was left alone home tuesday when police say two burglars broke in. >> they just broke the window. >> they just broke the window. what room are you in? >> i'm in my mother's room right now. please hurry. >> i am. stay on the call. >> reporter: he was told to lock himself in the room. he hidden in in the closet scared for his life. >> i'm going to have to whisper because i can hear them coming in. >> reporter: and then a terrifying realization. >> they're in here. >> they're inside the room now. they're inside the bedroom where he's at. you there? okay. just stay there. the officers will catch the guy, okay? >> sounds like there are multiple people. >> reporter: officers saw two men run out of the house and into the woods. >> so is th
or practices. >> reporter: with the justice department filing suit last week against texas to stop implementation of its voert id law, leading texans are accusing holder of living in the past. >> this is deeply depressing to see the chief law enforcement officer in the country use partisan politics -- and that's all it is -- to drive a wedge between americans based on race and ethnicity. it's really sad because it has come a long way. >> reporter: a photo id is required to enter many government buildings, planes, buy alcohol, cigarettes and more. some say you cannot function in today's society without id. >> lack, if you want to apply for welfare, food stamps, aiage many, many things you have to use it for. and just about everyone has an id. >> reporter: this month, north carolina passed a tougher law that requires voter id, reduces the early voting period and ends same day registration. they say this will alienate voters republicans need. >> these kind of procedures are put in place and slow the process down. i think it's going to backfire. because these people are going to come o
members of congress who went on the sunday shows yesterday. that includes texas senator ted cruz. he went on the sunday shows to double down on his longshot to de-fund obamacare. this is honest data the union. -- this is on state of the union. [video clip] need 218 republicans in the house and that will only ?appen -- you know what this fight is likely to heat up in the month of september. that is likely when the battle is engaged. i am convinced there is a new paradigm in politics that actually has washington very uncomfortable. it has politicians in both parties very uncomfortable. that new paradigm is the rise of the grassroots, the ability of grassroots activists to demand of their elected officials they do the right thing. a grassrootswe see tsunami, that is going to cause republicans and democrats to listen to the people. but it is going to take us know me -- it is going to take a tsunami. i am going to do what i can to encourage that tsunami area host: sent -- that tsunami. host: senator ted cruz on "state of the union." front page today -- i want to reach her a little bit more abo
's going to be cold and also snowy. that is their prediction. there are exceptions. texas is forecast to be mild and dry this upcoming winter. then you have the upcoming summer forecast. they are predicting a year in advance and claiming much of the nation will see above-normal temperatures and spring for many people could be dryer than normal. we could have issues with summer drought. those areas would be anywhere from new england to the great lakes and also from texas to the desert southwest. you could have an issue with summer drought. the exception to that prediction is the east coast. remember this summer we've had a very wet summer across parts of the east coast including right here in new york city. they are predicting that yet again coming up next summer. >>steve: the scary part is the super bowl. it's very brave they would have it in an open stadium. >>brian: first time ever. they have had cold-weather super bowls but they have had domes. there is not going to be a dome here. there is other things called gloves and jackets. the championship games are played in bad weather and
in italian prison before being acquitted. for the murder of her british roommate. >> to texas, an incredibly composed heroic 12-year-old boy trapped in his own home called 911 and hid until help arrived. a clear headed operator stayed on the line with him during a nerve-racking burglary. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: listen closely as 12-year-old deion murdoch dials 911 alone in his port arthur, texas home. 911 where is the emergency. hello. >> they just broke the window, ma'am. >> they just broke the window. what room are you in? >> in my mother's room right now. please hurry. >> is your house. i am. stay on the phone with me. >> reporter: the dispatcher tells little. deion to go into the closet it reassuring him. as police say these two young men break into the house. >> i am going to have to whisper. i think they are coming here. please hurry. >> they're in there. >> they're inside the room now. >> then, chilling silence for a full minute. >> are you there, deion. >> okay. just stay there. the officers, i think they're going to catch the guy, okay? >> reporter: when police
the south as far west as texas. in 1680, nathaniel sylvester in english and brought up in amsterdam and his english wife counted 24 people as their property. the largest number in the north of the time, 11 men and women and 13 children. many have african names and others had creel names such as chiuaro that tells you they had come from other places besides africa. the and then transported to the west indies or to brazil to where this could be a man of french origin, the ending tells you it probably has a hispanic connotation. conjure with it as you like to read. the labor produced the first well for the sylvester's from the west indies sugar trade. on shelter island they tended hogs and cattle. the bride and a broken horses to power the sugar mills and cut tree is to shape to make tasks which were really the shopping bags of the day. you couldn't do anything with sugar unless you had a barrel to put it in. you couldn't do anything with rahm allows you have a barrel to put it in or anything with molasses unless you had a barrel to put it in. the staves that were cut here were shut down, whic
, they said -- oh my goodness, bad idea. >> i believe great ideas. >> john: under great ideas is texas on candy or fast food. >> how do you define a fast-food you can go to mcdonald's or you can order a big mac. you will bet the lobbyists will make the rules. >> john: they have a problem with the candy tax. they decided this hershey bar is taxable candy but this one isn't because it contains flour. store clerks don't know what to charge. >> flour, sugar and eggs and salt. >> her dessert won an award. >> don't you think are poisoning people? you are making everybody fat. >> no, a little fat and sugar, what would life be. >> we asked her to make donuts? >> it has no sugar and no salt and very little fat. it's fried and baked how different it can be without all the good stuff. >> john: egg whites, that is good. >> it's good but not like egg yokes. >> john: let's try a taste test. we got a healthy donut and regular donut. everybody liked the regular dough in and out nutd center. >> john: how about the other one? >> not as good. >> john: i wanted to like the healthy donut. it's like eating
, texas, home. >> 911, where is the emergency? hello. >> someone's trying to break into my house. they just broke the window now. >> they just broke the window. what room are you in? >> i'm in my mother's room right now. please hurry. >> i am. stay on the phone with me. >> reporter: the dispatcher tells little deion to go into the closet doing her best to reassure him along the way as these two young men break into the house. >> i'm going to have to whisper because i think they are. coming in. >> they are. they are inside the room now. >> reporter: then chilling silence for a full minute. >> are you there, deion? >> yeah. >> just stay there. just stay there. the officers, i think they're going to catch the guy, okay? >> reporter: when police arrive they said they saw the two men running from the home. the dispatcher, keeping the child on the line with a loving tone. >> so is the police officer outside the house? >> yeah, but stay inside the closet, because they're trying to find the bad guys, okay? you're doing good. doing real good. doing perfect. your mom's going to be so proud
push back. reuters reports-- political and business leaders in florida, texas and north carolina want the deal to go through, they say its better for their local economies. also american and u.s. air are said to be pushing for a fast trial.they are asking the judge to hear the antitrust case november 12th.the government is suing to halt the airline merger because it creates the world's largest airline and could hurt consumers. would you pay extra for an airline ticket that guaranteed you wouldn't have to sit next to a small child? an increasing number of airlines think you would. for fees ranging from $4 to $25 several asian carriers including singapore airlines and air asia x are offering child- free zones. analysts caution a backlash could hit any u-s- carrier that attempts to implement something similar. still to come: if moves by the fed have you worried about your bond investments --- a guest on our show will help ease your fears... plus...some teen retailers are losing popularity...so which ones are part of the in crowd.. and,are we approaching the death of the department store?
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